Vol. 38, 2017 no. 1/2, Breaking the Frame: Subversion from Within

Breaking the Frame: Subversion from Within looks at artists who undermine institutional conventions, and frequently institutional space, to pose a challenge to authority. But it also takes into consideration the fact that “subversive art — like subculture in general — is perpetually at risk of being maneuvered into the cultural mainstream.” With an editorial by Angela Bartholomew and articles by Susan Power, Catalina Imizcoz, Rachel Schwartz, Alida Jekabson, Isabelle Sully, Eva Fotiadi, Rosa te Velde, and Luna Goldberg, and including artist’s contributions by Gian Luigi Biagini, Patricia Kaersenhout, and Dick Verdult.

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Vol. 35, 2014, no. 1, Auga

Table of Contents Auga

p. 5 Editorial / Evelyn Austin

p. 8 ‘A View of the Seine Through the Windows behind Them’: Mary Cassatt’s In The Ombibus / Pamela A. Ivinski

p. 28 Artist Contribution – Harmony by Restriction by Geometry / Lilian Stolk

p. 38 Between Spectator and Spectacle: Dan Graham’s Two Adjecent Pavilons / Milena Behnke

p. 50 Naked: Drawing the Curtains in Early to Late Modernism / Michel Pierre Laffite

p. 62 Artist Contribution – Courtyard / Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer

p. 64 The Window: Story / Bart Verbunt

p. 78 The Word Window Will Vanish from the Dictionairies, Too: Paul Scheerbart’s Vision of Translucent Architecture / Mareike Sprendel

p. 96 Windows for Abstract and Representational Devotion: Glass in Religious Buildings of the United States ca. 1945-1980 / Carol Herselle Krinsky

p. 116 Artist Contribution – Sprockets / Alexandra Leykauf

p. 126 Looking Inside: The Windows of Sufi Saint Shrines in Istanbul / Esther Voswinckel Filiz

p. 142 Abstracts

Vol. 35, 2014, no. 2, Art Criticism in the Networked Age

Table of Contents Art Criticism in the Networked Age

p. 5 Editorial / Steyn Bergs & Masha van Vliet

p. 11 Can the Editor Match the Bot? (Part 1) / Sven Lütticken & Jorinde Seijdel

p. 25 Photogénie 2.0: The Video Essay as Evocative Equivalent of the Untranslatable Allure of Cinema / Sam Roggen

p. 42 Artist Contribution – Quinten, A Boy with a Memory as a Karaoke Movie Machine / Paul Groot

p. 47 An Art Criticism Without Words: Arguing in (Cinematic) Images / Laurence Scherz

p. 67 Digitally Based / Niels Post

p. 73 The Data Dandy by Adilkno

p. 81 Conceptual Art, Networked Criticism, and the Social / Steyn Bergs

p. 97 Can the Editor Match the Bot? (Part 2) / Sven Lütticken & Jorinde Seijdel

p. 106 Abstracts




Vol. 36, 2015, no. 1/2, Betwixt & Between

Table of Contents Betwixt & Between

p. 5 Editorial / Herbert Ploegman & Veerle Spronck

p. 11 Performing the Page: Material as a Strategy in the Postwar Artist’s Book / Johan Pas

p. 31 Artist Contribution – Ruth van Beek

p. 37 The Virtualization of Artist’s Books: The Rationale of Remediation / Samuel Teixeira

p. 51 Rendering (the) Visible: MARBLEPUBLIC: Fortuyn/O’Brien’s Paginated Retrospective / Angela Bartholomew

p. 67 The Obsession with the Book / Alain Bourdin

p. 71 Stillanovel and the Materiality of Carl Andre’s Poetic ‘Screens’ / Helena Shaskevich

p. 81 Artist Contribution – Pixel Stress / Anouk Kruithof

p. 91 The Painter as Illustrator: Livres d’Artistes in the Collection of the Van Gogh Museum / Marieke Jooren

p. 115 Remembering the Book: Nostalgia and Intermediality in Two Contemporary Experimental Novels / Sara Tanderup

p. 131 Artist Contribution – Tiergarten / Johannes Schwartz

p. 138 Abstracts

Vol. 35, 2014, no. 3/4, Speculari

Table of Contents Speculari

p. 7 Editorial / Rana Ghavami & Ragna Manz

p. 9 Speculative Drawings / Armen Avanessian & Andreas Töpfer

p. 23 The Exhibition as Speculative Design: An Epistemic Object / Gillian Russell

p. 37 Why Heart Attacks Could Be a Thing of the Past: Reading and Valuing Speculative Design / James Auger 

p. 59 Artist Contribution – “Make it Big and Flat” / Jonas Lund

p. 69 Here and Now: Ghosts of Futures Past / Lara Schrijver

p. 83 An Uncomfortable Imagination / Carl DiSalvo

p. 93 On the Impatience of Accelerationism / Thijs Witty

p. 108 Abstracts

p. 111 Artist Contribution – Bottbass










Vol. 37, 2016, no. 3/4, Translation as Method

With increasing frequency over the years, artists have been testing the nature and strength of the agreements between bodies – agreements that have been formed (or deformed) by attempts to communicate. Connecting the tail of 2016 to the head of 2017 with an issue on artistic approaches to translation affirms our faith in the necessity of a practice that persistently attempts to communicate across languages, disciplines, generations, and ideologies.

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Vol. 37, 2016, no. 2, Constructed Identities

Constructed Identities takes you on a trip through Europe and a little beyond — a journey through space, as well as time. The issue (edited by Rosa te Velde) explores a selection of case studies to consider the selective uses of history in heritage, and it puts forth alternative approaches to question established definitions of identity. Featuring articles by Lila Athanasiadou, Isa Fahrenholz and Svenja Binz, Abla elBahrawy, Arna Mackic, Katinka de Jonge, and interviews with Jennifer Tosch and Wendelien van Oldenborgh. Artworks by Guy Köningstein, and on the cover a drawing by the Georgian artist Lado Darakhvelidze.

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Vol. 37, 2016, no. 1, Cultural Policies Agendas of Impact

At the end of 2014, the Dutch Ministry of Culture (OCW) announced a new Art and Culture public fund, The Art of Impact, designating seven million euro to support art projects that have a distinct impact on society. With this programme, the policy of austerity initiated by the minister of culture (Halbe Zijlstra) entered a new phase. Ideologically, it shifts away from discrediting the arts as a left-wing hobby towards rendering the arts as a tool of intervention and engagement with society. What does it mean to attribute to the artists, designers and art institutions the social, economical and political responsibility of changing and improving the world? This issue delves into the historical grounds and present implications of arts and culture funding policies and programmes in the Netherlands and beyond.

Table of Contents Cultural Policies: Agendas of Impact

p. 2 Editorial / Rosa te Velde & Steyn Bergs

p. 3 Introduction / Lara Garcia Diaz & Cristina Marques Moran

p. 9 Opbouw als afbraak: Over democratisering als
vanishing mediator in het huidige kunstenbeleid / Bram Ieven

p. 9 Destructive Construction: Democratization
as a Vanishing Mediator in current Dutch art policy / Bram Ieven

p. 17 The Art of Impact: Aspirin for Amputation / Steven ten Thije

p. 20 The Art of Impact Programme: Interview with Tabo Goudswaard and Michiel Munnike

p. 25 Agents or Objects of Discontinuous Change? Blairite Britain and the Role of the Culturepreneur / Josephine Berry

p. 37 Ends of Art: From Nul to Bijl / Sven Lütticken

p. 45 Value is an Ambigious Hyperobject / Market for Immaterial Value & Steyn Bergs

p. 50 Putting Ourselves at Risk in Public: Interview with Jeanne van Heeswijk

p. 56 Management of Distrust: Measuring and Monitoring in Policy making: Interview with Pascal Gielen

p. 62 Abstracts

*Extra* (online only): Andrew Hewitt, Art, it’s Publics and an Agenda of Impact: The UK Case

Vol 36, 2015, no. 4, Persona Perform Present

Table of Contents Persona Perform Present

p. 4 Editorial / Jesse van Winden & Angela Bartholomew

p. 16 A Mannerist Masquerade: Agnolo Bronzino, Style and Artificiality / Chris Askholt Hammeken

p. 30 Salvador Dalí’s Political Enigma: Building a Persona under Franco / Anna Schuer McCoy

p. 53 The Artist-Hero Takes a Bath: Domesticating the Myth of the Artist in polke/richter richter/polke (1966) / Olivia Tait

p. 74 Persona and Paradox in Federica Marangoni’s Performances, 1975-1979 / Kelley Tialiou

p. 92 Masquerade: On Public Personae in a Video Installation by Vermeir & Heiremans / Steyn Bergs & Jesse van Winden

p. 107 Template / Karolin Meunier

p. 115 Saint Damien Hirst / Mark Rawlinson & Szu Shen Wong

p. 128 Abstracts