Vol. 37, 2016, no. 1, Cultural Policies Agendas of Impact

Table of Contents Cultural Policies: Agendas of Impact

p.2 Editorial / Rosa te Velde & Steyn Bergs

p.3 Introduction / Lara Garcia Diaz & Cristina Marques Moran

p.9 Opbouw als afbraak: over democratisering als
vanishing mediator in het huidige kunstenbeleid / Bram Ieven

p.9 Destructive Construction: Democratization
as a Vanishing Mediator in current Dutch art policy / Bram Ieven

p.17 The Art of Impact: Aspirin for Amputation / Steven ten Thije

p.20 The Art of Impact Programme: Interview with Tabo Goudswaard and Michiel Munnike

p.25 Agents or Objects of Discontinuous Change? Blairite Britain and the Role of the Culturepreneur / Josephine Berry

p.37 Ends of Art: from Nul to Bijl / Sven Lütticken

p.45 Value is an Ambigious Hyperobject / Market for Immaterial Value & Steyn Bergs

p.50 Putting Ourselves at Risk in Public: Interview with Jeanne van Heeswijk

p.56 Management of Distrust: Measuring and Monitoring in Pol
icy making: Interview with Pascal Gielen

p.62 Abstracts

p.64 Colofon