Vol. 38, 2017, no. 3, Claiming Space: Subversion by Incursion

Table of Contents Claiming Space: Subversion by Incursion

p. 5 Editorial / Angela M. Bartholomew

p. 12 Vector Pioneers: Living Processes of Oppositional Chicano Art / Sally Mincher

p. 23 Rosa Hernandez: La Chacha (The Cleaning Lady) / Claudio Cano

p. 28 Re-Inventing Public Spaces: Breakfast on the London Bridge & Women in Agony / Eliza Soroga

p. 32 (Un)Foreseen Subversion in the Neoliberal (Public) Space / Leonardo Dallanoce

p. 42 Partially Burried Pontiac / Andrew Wasserman

p. 56 Poem of Three-Letter Words & The Trending Apollonic Art is Napoleonic Art / Arturo Destimone

p. 59 State Inquires: Interview with Robert Glas / Rosa te Velde & Esmee Schoutens

p. 67 ‘Maybe the Frame is Wrong?’: The Fake as (De)Colonial Subversion / Riccardo Ceniviva

p. 78 With out Last Money / Dick Verdult

p. 80 Tómatelo en Serio. Pero Puerco? Dick Verdult and the Center of the Periphery / Jeroen van der Hulst

p. 86 Tactics of Mischief: From Image to Infrastructure. Interview with David Garcia / Angela Bartholomew & Steyn Bergs

p. 96 After the Facts: The Cultural Politics of Information / Steyn Bergs

p. 106 A Selection of Works, 1988-2010 / Gerald van der Kaap

p. 108 Abstracts