Vol. 35, 2014, no. 1, Auga

Table of Contents Auga

p. 5 Editorial / Evelyn Austin

p. 8 ‘A View of the Seine Through the Windows behind Them’: Mary Cassatt’s In The Ombibus / Pamela A. Ivinski

p. 28 Artist Contribution – Harmony by Restriction by Geometry / Lilian Stolk

p. 38 Between Spectator and Spectacle: Dan Graham’s Two Adjecent Pavilons / Milena Behnke

p. 50 Naked: Drawing the Curtains in Early to Late Modernism / Michel Pierre Laffite

p. 62 Artist Contribution – Courtyard / Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer

p. 64 The Window: Story / Bart Verbunt

p. 78 The Word Window Will Vanish from the Dictionairies, Too: Paul Scheerbart’s Vision of Translucent Architecture / Mareike Sprendel

p. 96 Windows for Abstract and Representational Devotion: Glass in Religious Buildings of the United States ca. 1945-1980 / Carol Herselle Krinsky

p. 116 Artist Contribution – Sprockets / Alexandra Leykauf

p. 126 Looking Inside: The Windows of Sufi Saint Shrines in Istanbul / Esther Voswinckel Filiz

p. 142 Abstracts