Vol. 36, 2015, no. 1/2, Betwixt & Between

Table of Contents Betwixt & Between

p. 5 Editorial / Herbert Ploegman & Veerle Spronck

p. 11 Performing the Page: Material as a Strategy in the Postwar Artist’s Book / Johan Pas

p. 31 Artist Contribution – Ruth van Beek

p. 37 The Virtualization of Artist’s Books: The Rationale of Remediation / Samuel Teixeira

p. 51 Rendering (the) Visible: MARBLEPUBLIC: Fortuyn/O’Brien’s Paginated Retrospective / Angela Bartholomew

p. 67 The Obsession with the Book / Alain Bourdin

p. 71 Stillanovel and the Materiality of Carl Andre’s Poetic ‘Screens’ / Helena Shaskevich

p. 81 Artist Contribution – Pixel Stress / Anouk Kruithof

p. 91 The Painter as Illustrator: Livres d’Artistes in the Collection of the Van Gogh Museum / Marieke Jooren

p. 115 Remembering the Book: Nostalgia and Intermediality in Two Contemporary Experimental Novels / Sara Tanderup

p. 131 Artist Contribution – Tiergarten / Johannes Schwartz

p. 138 Abstracts