Vol. 36, 2015, no. 3, Persona Impose Enact

Table of Contents Persona Impose Enact

p. 3 An Artist is Everyone / Sharon Houkema

p. 8 Editorial / Jesse van Winden & Angela Bartholomew

p. 20 Bill Burn’s Art World Personae

p. 22 ‘Een seer vermaert ende wonderlijc vinder van vreemde drollen ende seltsame grillen’: A Review of the Persona of Hieronymus Bosch / Marieke van Wamel

p. 40 In the Name of Authenticity: Image Management in Outsider Art / Jos ten Berge

p. 60 Okwui Enwezor Guide Us (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam), 2015 / Bill Burns

p. 62 On the Concept of Persona in Performance / Philip Auslander

p. 80 Personifying the Panel: The V-Girls’ Academia in the Alps: In Search of the Swiss Mis(s) (1988-92) / Sven Lütticken

p. 93 A Seemingly Perfect Strategy for Survival: The Persona in the Literary Work of Arnon Grunberg / Laurens Ham

p. 108 Beatrix Ruf Protect Us: Art World Celebrity Banner (Art Basel, Miami Beach), 2014 / Bill Burns

p. 110 Aida Makoto, the Mori Art Museum, and the Spectacle of Collective Pathology / Sarah Walsh

p. 134 Eli Broad (Hollywood Hills), 2015 / Bill Burns

p. 136 Abstracts