Vol. 37, 2016, no. 3/4, Translation as Method

With increasing frequency over the years, artists have been testing the nature and strength of the agreements between bodies – agreements that have been formed (or deformed) by attempts to communicate. Connecting the tail of 2016 to the head of 2017 with an issue on artistic approaches to translation affirms our faith in the necessity of a practice that persistently attempts to communicate across languages, disciplines, generations, and ideologies.

p. 4 Editorial / Marianna Maruyama

p. 10 The Return of the Translator: From the Edge of Meaning to the Edge of Sense / Srajana Kaikini

p. 26 Unanswered Questions: Translations Between Text and Music / Yannis Kyriakides

p. 36 Homage, Emulation, Reproduction: Retranslation and the Visual Arts / Mary Louise Wardle

p. 46 From Lingua Franca to New Creole: A Romance in Five Acts and Twenty-One Englishes / Martin Waldmeier

p. 54 Profanatory Translation / Marianna Maruyama

p. 68 Versions on the Volta / Fiona Hanley

p. 78 Holding up the Sky: Art-Science Approaches to an Aero-Dialogue / Kayla Anderson

p. 90 Abstracts

p. 94 A Matter of Colours: How Revolution can be Translated with Resilience / Emilio Fantin