Why advertise in Kunstlicht?

Kunstlicht is an academic journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture. The journal is affiliated with the Art and Culture department of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, but operates as an independent foundation. An advertisement in Kunstlicht allows you to reach a varied group of art lovers and professionals. Among our subscribers you will find museums, libraries, and academic institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. Kunstlicht is for sale at selected bookstores in the Netherlands. Furthermore, by taking an advertisement, you provide a substantial contribution to the continued existence of Kunstlicht, and support critical discourse around urgent topics in the cultural field at large.

Kunstlicht offer possibilities for both print and digital advertisements. All prices are VAT exclusive. For more information, please contact redactie [at]

Print Advertisements
Please provide these as either a PDF or a TIF file, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, in grayscale. Attach any used fonts separately, if necessary.

TypeSingleFull yearDimensions (in mm)
½ page€ 90,00€ 220,00153 x 105
Full page€ 160,00€ 380,00153 x 212
Flyer insert€ 180,00€ 450,00A5 is maximum size


Web Advertisements (Banners)
The banner will appear on the right column of the Kunstlicht website and will contain an URL.
Please provide in a JPG, PMG, GIF or animated GIF format. Maximum size: 30Kb.

BannerDimensions (in pixels)MonthFull year
Horizontal (small)230 x 115€ 40,00€ 350,00
Square (medium)230 x 230€ 50,00€ 400,00
Upright (big)230 x 345€ 60,00€ 450,00