Vol. 34, 2013, no. 3, Artefacts

Table of Contents Artefacts

p. 4 Artefacts: The Artificial as Cultural Mediator / Javier Gimeno Martínez

p. 12 ‘When it comes to writing about design, almost everything still needs to happen.’ An Interview with Prof. Timo de Rijk on Studying the Ordinary / Ragna Manz & Rosa te Velde

p. 18 The Many Lives of Art Things / Roel Griffioen

p. 28 Artist Contribution – The Labours of Shine / Tom Holert

p. 30 Artist Contribution – Processing Authorities / Diego Tonus

p. 32 Artist Contribution – The Panoptic Society: The Issue of Intangible Control / Sil Krol

p. 38 Detection, Deterrence, Docility: Techniques of Control by Surveillance Cameras Contribution / Selçuk Balamir

p. 44 Molding the Design Canon at 220°C / Jetske de Groot

p. 52 Objects Have a Nightlife Too: Considering a Chair’s Agency / Marlies Noijens

p. 60 The AK-47: Twenty-first Century Pitchfork / Robbert van Strien

p. 70 Ultima Thule, Beyond Known Borders: Exploring the Relationship between Design and Finnish National Identity / Rosa te Velde

p. 80 The Invention of a Legendary Notebook: Producing Authenticity through Storytelling / Souwie de Wijn

p. 90 Abstracts

p. 92 Editorial / Ragna Manz & Rosa te Velde