Rafaël Rozendaal, Accumulation, 2022. RISO by RisoWiso, Arnhem.
We’re happy to announce the launch of the new issue of Kunstlicht at BAK on June 10 at 18:30. The issue is titled Algorhythms: Living in and out of Sync with TechnologyWe are looking forward to seeing to in Utrecht!

Date: Friday June 10th
Time: 18:30h
Entrance is free

In this double issue we ride on the sonic waves and algorithmic infrastructures of the technologies which orchestrate and conduct the rhythms of our everyday life. As our guest editor Evelyn Wan elaborates, this journey is nostalgic, troubling, and becoming more and more apparent in our everyday use of algorithms and online environments.

Algorhythms: Living in and out of Sync with Technology focuses on the artworks which reflect this reality back at us and imagine ways of articulating and imagining its affects. During this launch, we will present this issue and delve further into several topics raised. 

Pauwstraat 13A
3512 TG Utrecht

Rafaël Rozendaal, Accumulation, 2022. RISO by RisoWiso, Arnhem.












Evelyn Wan is Assistant Professor of Media, Arts, and Society at the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. She teaches cultural theory, philosophy of science, performance practices, and cultural research methodologies. Her work on the temporalities and politics of digital culture and algorithmic governance is interdisciplinary in nature, and straddles media and performance studies, gender and postcolonial theory, and legal and policy research.

Rosa Wevers (MA) works as a PhD candidate and teacher in Gender Studies at Utrecht University. She analyses how contemporary art exhibitions confront visitors with critical perspectives on surveillance and engage them in strategies of resistance. In 2021, she curated the exhibition Face Value, in collaboration with IMPAKT and the Nederlands Film Festival.

Utopia Syndicate is a collective and a space emerging from a friendship and companionship between Madison Jolliffe and Tery Žeželj. It creates “utopian” experiences to shape the way we live with the world. It researches and investigates potentials for alternative futures that emerge from practices of new-hope and care. Utopia Syndicate is the host and nourisher of the artistic practice the day after yesterday.