Our brilliant guest editors, Isabelle Sully and Eloise Sweetman, have joined our editorial board guiding us through concerns and issues regarding the structures of the art world and their impact on the production of works of art. Under the banner of ‘risk and safety,’ we have discussed how such measures are mended to protect or challenge a variety of actors and circumstances of this small universe. This issue was proposed prior to the Covid-19 pandemic rendering our realities unrecognizable and it does not consider the impact this has had on the many labourers of the ‘art world.’ However, the questions it raises pertains to past and current streams of critical thought on this topic. Whose safety do we protect? At what ‘cost’ do we take a risk?A postcard insert with a photograph by the artist Lee Kit will accompany the first 100 copies of the journal. On this image, a soft fabric flag wavers in the wind during a protest in Hong Kong, and the same flag has been reproduced on the cover of this issue of Kunstlicht.

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The Editorial Board