Out now for your summer reading pleasure: Kunstlicht’s latest double issue, Breaking the Frame: Subversion from Within. The issue looks at artists who undermine institutional conventions, and frequently institutional space, to pose a challenge to authority. But it also takes into consideration the fact that “subversive art — like subculture in general — is perpetually at risk of being maneuvered into the cultural mainstream.”

With an editorial by Angela Bartholomew and articles by Susan Power, Catalina Imizcoz, Rachel Schwartz, Alida Jekabson, Isabelle Sully, Eva Fotiadi, Rosa te Velde, and Luna Goldberg, and including artist’s contributions by Gian Luigi Biagini, Patricia Kaersenhout, and Dick Verdult.

Get your copy here and keep your eye out for the second issue on subversion in artistic practice to come out later this summer – and be sure to reserve September 8th in your agenda for a launch extravaganza featuring none other than Dick El Demasiado to take place at Quartair Artist Initiatives in Den Haag!