Credit: Lucille Lefrang

In your hands, is one of Lucille Lefrang’s nosetalgic memories, collected and produced as part of her article for the Kunstlicht journal titled, A Year of Fear of Losing You. We invite you to hold the card to your nose, breathe deeply, and join our space of collective nosetalgia.

The Nosetalgia issue of Kunstlicht explores the theme of nostalgic feelings and olfaction (AKA our sense of smell). Often associated with an aesthetic – Instagram filters and vintage caricatures – can we take a more sensory approach to nostalgic perception? Artists, perfumers, and scholars contribute their thoughts, anecdotes and analyses of how smell plays an integral role to our nostalgic perceptions. The issue was guest edited by Sofia Collette Ehrich and Amarens Eggeraat.

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The smell was created by Lucille Lefrang and the smell cards were printed by Olfapac. The card was financed by Kunstlicht. The creative direction of this card was led by Sofia Collette Ehrich.

The design of the card was created by Lisa Marie Sneijder.


About Kunstlicht:

Kunstlicht is an academic journal for art, visual culture, and architecture. Three issues are published each year; two single issues and one double issue, each focusing on one specific theme. The journal was founded in 1980.

The editorial board consists of students and alumni of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with diverse research interests. The journal has been completely volunteer-run from top to bottom since its beginning. The journal is affiliated with the Arts and Culture department at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, but operates as an autonomous foundation. Kunstlicht is designed by Corine van der Wal.

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This smell card was originally made for the Kunstlicht journal’s Nosetalgia issue printed in May 2023. The smell card is paired with one of the issue’s article submissions titled A Year of Fear of Losing You written by perfumer Lucille Lefrang.