Femmy Otten, detail of "Ontklede dagen", 2015-2016. Riso print by Riso Wiso, Arnhem.
We are very excited to announce that on June 11, we will host a livestreamed launch of our newest issue Spellbound as part of Felix Meritis’ program  Cultural Emergency Hospital
This issue focusses on rituals and magical practices within contemporary art and visual culture. Join us online for an evening full of artists’ performances, a studio visit and two presentations from contributing writers, and hopefully a bit of enchantment.

The Magical theme related to ‘spells’ is understood in the widest interpretation possible, as something supernatural, something which goes beyond traditions of rationale or logic. And importantly, Magic also is understood in this issue as something which is at the heart of rationale and logic itself, undermining these epistemologies’ promised security. Why, when, and how do we cast spells? What spells do we need right now? The issue is filled to the brim with contributions answering, nuancing, and broadening our scope.

The language of this program is English. The link to the livestream can be found on this page on the day of the event.

This program is part of the Cultural Emergency Hospital of Felix Meritis: Felix Meritis opens their doors to make their corona-proof facilities available to other cultural institutions or artists who are also struggling due to corona, but want to keep creating. To support that, they are offering our facilities free of charge. That way, Felix Meritis allows others to catch their artistic breathright in the beautiful center of Amsterdam. 

Femmy Otten, detail of “Ontklede dagen”, 2015-2016. Riso print by Riso Wiso, Arnhem.