Table of Contents

4. Foreword – Joyce Poot and Anna Sejbæk Torp-Pedersen

5. Introduction Sūnya: Starting from Zero – Maria Chiara Miccoli

10. The Experience Takes Your Place: śūnyatā as key to the intimacy of visual perception – Nina Romijn

19. Inspiration and Expiration as a Confrontation with Nothingness – Irma Den Hertog

22. How to Cope with Being a Zero Amidst Ones: Existentialism, Nothingness & Binarisms – Maithri

27. Possible Drawings- Wouter Huis

36. The Black Holes of Perception – Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand

41. 0 Starting from Zero at VU Art Science Gallery

54. Ecological Intermezzo – Nina Romijn

55. Symbiosis: Future, Nature & Technology: Epilogue – Sem I. Bannenberg